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She represents the force received through Faith that helps one overcome unbelievable adversity and find the strength to not give up.
In the style of The "Old" Karate Kid movies, Monique has learned to meet her force within and become a Champ.

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Monique Sciberras - The Story

She is as sweet as an angel with the heart of a fighter.

At age 10, Monique ranks as one of the top in the world of her ranks. With her father's guidance, martial arts has helped her overcome her disabilities in intellect, cognition, and language. However, the best prescription for her condition was her parents love along with a strict training program which consists of 2 to 4 hours of training a day, 365 days a year, and faith.

The first years of Monique's life were very difficult ones for her parents in the sense that they were given more responsibilities than normal parents. Due to their circumstances, raising their child proved to be more of a challenge than they could sometimes bare because Monique would need constant attention 24/7. Only faith took them from a regular luxurious life to a humble life with almost nothing, and now her father has sacrificed everything just to get Monique to the top- and it's WORKING!!

Now, Monique is a stand out artist (SEE HER CAREER STATS) who has fought for the King of Thailand himself at his annual birthday celebration in Thailand's very own King's Cup; a long standing tradition.
She is the first person, female and male, of that age to ever have fought a fight of that magnitude - The King's Cup.

In front of more than 300,000 people in Thailand and finding out at the last minute that she was 4-6kilos smaller than her opponent, an unknown Monique scored a draw for the World Title against a Muay Thai Champion girl she fought, who had 30 fights under her belt versus Monique's 3 against boys.

What does the little champion do when she is not fighting in the ring?

She enjoys being an alter girl who has proudly finished Alter School and has actually participated in her local church. She currently is the alter girl Saturdays and Sundays, and every other day of the week she is called, and even on holidays, and goes to Bible School on Fridays for 2 hours after school.

Her schedule consists of school, alter school, bible school, then Martial Arts training and homework. Sounds like a tremendous curriculum to anyone, but, it is actually her choice and preference to do all these things and be so active. What heart!!

This is what it takes TO BE A CHAMP, and this is what she is-

Monique Sciberras, "Never Ever Lose The Force".
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